Our Actors

Core Theatre Group
Drama is the core work of Wan Smolbag. The core acting group tours the islands and also performs new full length plays every year, from May to the end of June, taking the major plays to Luganville every second year. Their plays are performed to audiences of over 4000 every year. Hotel Kalifonia premiered in 2016.

The group also tours the islands with short plays coupled with structured workshops facilitated by the actors, to inform, raise awareness and encourage public discussion on a range of health, lifestyle, environment and governance issues. Over the years we have performed over 200 plays and produced over 35 films and radio plays including a series called ‘Famle blong Sera’ which ran for 8 years and was aired in Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea.

Rainbow Disability Theatre

Rainbow Disability Theatre started in 2010 initially as a group of 4 actors, going by the name ‘Kiratatasi’ which means ‘Come let us Unite’ in the language of the island of Ifira. The group joined Wan Smolbag in 2010 and now has 23 members and sometimes more! The group performs to communities and schools across Efate as well as in the outer islands, with plays about their own experiences as well as promoting rights for people with disabilities.

Youth Drama Group

Many young people at the centre want to perform in plays and in 2006 we made our first play with them about a young man who escapes from prison to see his girlfriend and have continued ever since. We involve the youth in workshops talking about their experiences and stories as well as role play. From this we script a play for as many as 40 people. We use song and chorus to keep everyone involved. Over the years the group have performed plays to local schools and communities, focusing on issues such as child rights and domestic violence. The 2015 play “Yumi Stap Wea?” toured widely as part of Wan Smolbag’s justice work.