Nutrition centre

What We do

The Wan Smolbag Nutrition Centre offers youth a chance to find out about what foods are bad for us and which help our body to function well. Our cooking classes provide youth with an opportunity to learn different cooking methods and recipes from around the world incorporating local ingredients from the garden and the market. We also share recipes made in Vanuatu.



Weekday lunches
We offer an affordable and nutritious lunch weekdays 12-1 which is open to the public. Visit our instagram account for images of some of our latest creations. Following Cyclone Pam in 2015 and until mid-2016 the Nutrition Centre provided free meals to communities, supported by Oxfam then World Vision.

We also provide a catering service for functions and events at Wan Smolbag and outside. If you are looking for a healthy catering service, please call us on 27119 and ask for our Nutrition Department.

Demonstration garden
Nutrition classes are combined with agricultural workshops that teach new and traditional techniques of planting local root crops, vegetables, herbs and local fruit and nut trees. To further agricultural education we offer field trips to local farms, sandalwood plantations, produce suppliers and the Farm Support Association.