Kam Pusem Hed

Our story

Staff from KPH clinic

Staff from KPH clinic

As well as health communication through drama, we run 2 health clinics; Kam Pusum Hed (KPH), meaning ‘Come and see us’, in Port Vila and Northern Care Youth Clinic (NCYC) in Luganville. KPH clinic opened its doors in early 1999 as a result of a request from surrounding communities for a clinic to cater to the reproductive health needs of members of the communities. After the Ministry of Health agreed to the idea of Wan Smolbag running a reproductive health clinic, donors were approached for equipment and funds to run the clinic. Since then, the clinic has continued to serve the needs of the members of the communities plus many more people from all over the island of Efate.


Currently, KPH receives all its drugs free of charge from the Ministry of Health and gets funding from other donors to pay for the nurses, peer educators and other needs of the clinic.



What we do?

We offer sexual and reproductive health clinical services that include counseling, testing and treatment of STI’s and HIV. Family planning counseling and commodities are also available at our clinic. We have a peer education program that aims to reach as many young people as possible with the correct information on sexual reproductive health issues including information about STI’s, HIV and AIDS, Family Planning, Drugs and substance abuse, Sexual harassment, Sexual Reproductive Health Rights and related issues. We also conduct workshops with selected communities. And we also conduct monthly mobile clinic visits to three communities just outside of the boundaries of Port Vila. One of our nurses also visits Haulua (on North Pentecost) once a month and Dixon Bay (Southwest Malakula) once every two to three months.


We also have a group of peer educators who run workshops and visit communities and schools, providing information on sexual health and distributing free condoms, which are also available at the clinic. They also work with men who have sex with men (MSM) and female sex workers (FSW).  And we have started a pilot in one of the secondary schools in Port Vila of setting up a peer education program.

KPH clinic is located in Wan Smolbag’s headquarters, near that Tagabe Roundabout in Port Vila:

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