About us

Wan Smolbag is a thriving theatre and film company with a core company of 16 full time actors and 2 associated acting groups. The group has produced over a hundred travelling plays, 11 full length plays, a long-running radio serial called Famle Blong Sera, more than 20 films and 8 seasons of the popular TV series ‘Love Patrol’.

Wan Smolbag started in January 1989 as a volunteer group of 15 actors. The group called themselves Wan Smolbag to show they could carry everything they needed to do plays in one small bag! In 1994 the group became 11 full time actors and moved to its present location in Tagebe where the strong association with Port Vila’s peri-urban communities surrounding the centre began. In 1997 the group worked with 83 people from Blacksands to make a community play about their lives which further strengthened that bond. Wan Smolbag has moved from being solely a theatre and film organization to delivering services to young people.

Kam Pusum Hed (KPH) or Pop In!
KPH, a sexual health clinic, was the first service that Wan Smolbag offered. It started in 1999 and now has 3 nurses and 8 full time peer educators. Now we also have a clinic at NCYC in Luganville on the island of Santo.

Youth Centres
In 2005 Australian Aid funded Wan Smolbag to open a center for young people in Port Vila. The centre offers dance, music, circus, sport, nutrition, computer, literacy and drama to young people who are out of school, or who may never have been to school. Wan Smolbag also runs the Northern Care Youth Centre (NCYC) in Luganville.

Wan Smolbag is committed to work on environmental issues, including waste management and conservation. In 1995 the turtle monitor movement, now the Vanua-Tai, emerged from the actors touring a play about turtle conservation around Efate and nearby islands. The Vanu-Tai now number around 400 voluntary monitors throughout the islands of Vanuatu.