Wan Smolbag is a thriving theatre and film company with a core company of 16 full time actors and 2 associated acting groups. The group has produced over a hundred travelling plays, 11 full length plays, a long-running radio serial called Famle Blong Sera, more than 20 films and 8 seasons of the popular TV series ‘Love Patrol’. Wan Smolbag’s latest production ‘Yumi Go Kale’ or ‘A Piece of The Cake’ has been accepted by PIFF 2016 and the Asia Pacific Film Competition.

We started January 1989 as a volunteer group of 15 actors. The group called themselves Wan Smolbag to show they could carry everything they needed to do plays in one small bag! In 1994 the group became 11 full time actors and moved to its present location in Tagebe where the strong association with Port Vila’s peri-urban communities surrounding the centre began. Now, Wan Smolbag is the largest grass roots NGO in the Pacific and works in many different areas such as youth, environment, sexual health and good governance, proving we are more than just community theatre!